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Varex Universal Muffler Range

21 Nov 2011

Varex Universal Muffler Range

Most already know that Xforce offers bolt-on Varex exhaust systems to suit many popular models. But we all know not everybody drives the same car, and in a perfect world Xforce would love to be able to have a direct bolt on for every car, but ultimately it just wouldn’t be feasible. Imagine the size of the warehouse we would need to have!

The good news is that Varex mufflers can be purchased individually and a exhaust shop can easily custom fit one onto you existing exhaust system.

Varex mufflers offers performance and noise control from race loud to super street stealth mode all with a touch of a button and the best part is you get to choose the muffler style you want. Xforce also offers a tipped and non-tipped versions so you can even get to choose your own tip!

Varex universal muffler ranges from the traditional oval muffler shape to the popular cannon style and even a dual tip just for good measure. Inlet size starts from as little as 2.5 inch perfect for 16v 4cylinders all the way up to a 4 inches for the big v8 , turbo charged and serious 4×4 cars.

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